GarageFuse Promo

Modeling Postproduction
80% 20%
3D Quality Level

3D video presentation of a grand 3D/Flash project is not only a compelling promo, but also a standalone project that involved all departments of our company.

The video was created as an addition to one of the grandest projects we have ever worked on – GarageFuse. The project itself is a 3D configurator tool based on the 3D in Flash technology, and it is used to build and modify cars in accordance with their actual characteristics. GarageFuse was created with close collaboration by both the technical and 3D divisions. This project conjured up a high level of teamwork, coordination, and immense creativity by each member involved to make it a success.

The video was meant to be a compelling promo of the project that would make viewers want to try the tool.  It demonstrates the main points of the project and how the project works with a particular car model. We wanted this to be a worthy video presentation of the configurator we had developed, but it ended up coming out as a great standalone project.